Maybe you read the News Herald article on the candidates running for Allen Park School Board where I highlighted three reasons I am excited about the opportunity to support our public schools. We had to limit responses to 100 words, but I have more space here (promise not to abuse it), and would like to share more of the core beliefs that shape the reasons I am running for a position on the Allen Park School Board.

  • I believe that all students can be successful and should graduate from Allen Park Public Schools well prepared and ready to enter college and/or a career in any field that interests them.

  • District finances are critical to the success of schools and student programs. Over the past four years our district has returned to financial stability and we need to continue to focus on this so that we have the resources to ensure our vision of excellence for all our schools and students.

  • A school needs to be a place of safety. Teachers and students need to be able to focus on teaching and learning.

  • Our schools must attract and retain talented educators who feel supported by the district and community in order to perform at their highest level.

  • Allen Park students need more opportunities to engage in meaningful STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), business and arts experiences.

  • The Allen Park School Board serves our community and should be open to parents and teachers, receptive to innovative thinking and transparent in its decision making.