Why I am seeking re-election to the Allen Park School Board...

People have been asking why I am seeking a second term to my local school board. The answer is complex, but let's focus on three main reasons:

  • All students can be successful and graduate from Allen Park college and/or career ready. To meet this challenge, we will need to continue to focus on our areas of strength as a district, while striving to continuously improve in others.

  • Our schools must attract and retain talented educators who feel supported to perform at their highest level. Teaching has always been an honorable and challenging profession, but the last three years have been particularly difficult. We have highly skilled educators in Allen Park, but coming out of COVID we need to work even harder to let them know they are valued.

  • The district has returned to financial stability over the past four years and we need to continue to be mindful of budgets and spending so that we have the resources to ensure our vision of excellence for all our schools and students.

I am running because I have a wealth of experience in education, a unique skill set to help bring about change and feel called to support the community in which I choose to live.